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A Case for Health Care in Haiti

May 12, 2010

Post-earthquake news reports from Haiti back in January and February temporarily shined a global spotlight on this island nation. “Modern health care” here means a medical clinic has a hand-pump well out front for “fresh” water.

Miles away from the center of destruction of the January 12 earthquake, in the countryside and mountain regions, I observed the total absence of health care as we Americans know it. For example, in the commune of Ganthier northeast of Port au Prince, there is currently one Haitian government health center serving a sparse population of 79,000. The main reason people here do not get basic preventative health care is they cannot afford transportation to see the few medical professionals available. Those who come for health care may walk five or ten miles each way.

I’ve had the good fortune since my February mission trip to Haiti to meet several dozen people who – like me – have been moved to do something about this very real health care crisis. Today there is a high-energy initiative by the non-government organization The Lazarus Project to build and operate a new health center in Ganthier. Funding is coming together and people with decades of experience in helping Haitians are engaged and making strides in the right direction.

One of my contributions is this video that helps present the vision. Check it out.

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