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A Heart of Servitude

This is Marie. She has had an interesting life.

In her later years, she returned to Haiti after living in the United States and decided to devote her life to caring for children who are discarded by this society. She sold an expensive sports car that had been gifted to her in Florida and used the money to pursue her dream.

Her heart of servitude has guided her to build an orphanage, church and school. On January 12, 2010, the orphanage on the second floor of the church collapsed during the earthquake. A worker – responding in what could be described as a moment of divine intervention – managed to get all of the children out of the building within the first few seconds of the shaking. Their home collapsed behind them.

Photo by Jim Meyer

Now thirty-two children live with Marie in her apartment around the corner. They have been sleeping outside on the second floor patio.

Yesterday, using a 10′ x 16′ tarp that we bought at Sam’s Club for about USD 10, we were able to give a little bit toward Marie’s dream. She already had a tarp and some miscellaneous plastic sheeting strung up to create shelter. Sleeping on the floor, the kids have moved about during the few rains of this dry season. The rainy season is just around the corner.

We came here to touch the people of Haiti. But it was them who touched us like words cannot describe.

[Note: If this story touches you, please check out the Impact for Jesus blog where Jim Meyer chronicled his trip to assist Marie in the days right after the earthquake.]

  1. Kelly
    February 23, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Unreal – I can’t even imagine how much this trip has impacted you all. Can’t wait to hear stories. Arrive home safely!!! 🙂

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