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Internet Detention for the Boys

February 22, 2010

What do you get when you put a band of brothers together with all their toys and a fail-safe battery / generator backed up satellite ISP link? Trouble. That’s what.

We’re very fortunate to have access to the Internet on this trip, but we’ve also tested (and exceeded) the limits of the Lazarus Project’s Internet service provider. For two days in row now, we’ve maxed out our 24-hour download limit, essentially shutting down Internet access for our gracious hostess. Hey, we didn’t mean any harm, Hughes. We’re just trying to convey they story of Haiti to the folks back home.

Fortunately, AT&T has waived all voice and data roaming charges in Haiti for most of this month. Cell service is extremely reliable here. On the other hand, eleven guys hammering on a wi-fi network with phones & laptops? Not working out to good.
Stay tuned. Hopefully we’ll be back out of Internet detention in the morning. I’ve got lots of neat things to share.

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